business advising

Lyftoff’s business advisors work differently than other business management consulting firms. We work directly with your leaders, one on one in full collaboration. We are there every step with you to problem solve, develop strategies, implement systems and measure improvement. Our team will ensure your business is headed in the direction you want it to go, not just leave you with another report to decipher.

Not sure where your business is headed? Lyftoff is here to help explore and refocus your company’s vision before taking the next steps of strengthening its foundation.

Lyftoff business advisors focus on four areas in order to properly assess and meet the unique needs of every individual client.


Strategy & planning

Lyftoff believes that solid strategy and extensive planning is imperative to the overall health of a company. With ongoing diagnostics, we produce a constant source of areas for improvement. We work with you team to develop the next functional action plan. Driving your company towards realistic and obtainable goals. Our team will make development an accessible and painless part of the business


You go to the doctor for medical checkups and take your take car in for regular service and your business deserves the same care and attention to it's wellbeing and prosperity. How is the business driven? Directly from the owner or upper level management? Do you spend countless hours on tasks that could be more efficiently and effectively distributed? Explore these questions with ongoing diagnostics.


Evolution is the process of progressive growth within the company. While the three previous processes make up an ongoing lifecycle, evolution of a business is inherent in order to meet the increasing demands of a changing market climate. Lyftoff works to recognize performance indicators, adapt to change and facilitate advancements. We aim to help improve our clients’ overall business skills and knowledge.


Why spend time building strategies and planning company objectives if they are forgotten and never implemented? Lyftoff utilizes key leadership to take the next action plan from paper to implementation. We develop systems, create models, apply feedback and measure their function. Our team will work with yours to integrate the next initiative and oversee its success.