What makes your brand so special? Why should your employees live, breathe and constantly think about your brand and nothing else? We will help you realize, plan and achieve your goals and then some. We're here to disrupt and make you think a whole lot differently.

keep your staff inspired and keep their motivation high


purpose & vision

It can be hard for any business to set it's destination, that's why Lyftoff works with you to answer the difficult question of why you're heading there in the first place. What's your purpose? It's even more difficult to figure out where that destination is once we've begun travelling. Lyftoff will lead you to establish your own coordinates and put your business on the map.

values exercises

You know that old phrase, "treat people the way you want to be treated"? Well it's no different in your business. We run you through an in-depth look into your personal and professional values, what motivates you, how do you want to be seen and what effect do you want to place those that work for you? Best of all good values from how you value yourself and your employees, stems right down into how your customers feel treated.

on-site immersion

We're with you 100% of the way in person and always reachable over the phone or on a video chat to keep you motivated and pumped up during the intensive immersion process. Throughout this process we disrupt your usual way of thinking, watch and observe how your team interacts with each other and how they interact with your brand. 

team building workshops

We stand in a circle and on the count of three one person falls into the groups' arms. Just kidding! We plan activities and workshops that your team actually wants to attend and we promise, they'll be asking you when the next team building activity is scheduled.

leadership & brand workshops

The ultimate goal is to have people beating down your door because their friends won't stop talking about how amazing your company is to work for and how influencial your brand is. Starting from the top down is how to make the changes we input really stick so we spend some quality time with just the managers and owners, too.


improving your company culture starts with a consultation

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