It's what we're all about

Every level of the Lyftoff Monthly Programs contains the Growth Strategy as standard. Three levels of the program to go with the three monthly packages. Simple and productive growth.

Enjoy some of the benefits of having a large business consulting firm on retainer without the eye watering bills.



Access to our exclusive library of resources, toolkits, online workshops and discounts to online seminars. With loads of content tailored to issues and pain points we have discovered through working with other businesses, you can learn from their (and even some of our own) mistakes and map out your growth. Use the Library as much or as little as you like.



Personal attention from a single member of our business team and access to the Growth Library. Monthly meetings help to keep you on track and lend an ear to issues and problems you might be having while we work with you to complete a selection of the building blocks in the Library with you to accelerate your growth.



One-on-one attention and the most support. A personal connection to your business advisor through #Slack and weekly video meetings keep you on track and growing allowing us to maximize your strategic thought process and navigate your journey through a connected experience.