it's part of what makes us different

Foundations is where every client starts at Lyftoff. Instead of throwing your business into a marketing retainer program and hoping for the best, we take a different approach. We think you'll like it.


We've heard the stories of other agencies getting you excited about a monthly marketing program but more often than not the results are dismal at best and damaging at worst. Why should you spend you hard earned money on marketing if your business isn't ready for it? Maybe you need a few key items completed before we ramp up or maybe what you thought you needed, after we explore your business, isn't what you needed at all?

We asked ourselves these questions and after having many clients come through the virtual doors here at Lyftoff we decided, "this seems to be working, let's do this with everyone."

Enter, Lyftoff Foundations.


So, what is it?

deep listening

The biggest and most important thing we do during Lyftoff Foundations is listening. We work with you during our first meeting and listen to what you have to say. What gets you going in the morning? What is your biggest passion and what keeps you up at night? This initial conversation will steer our relationship down a variety of paths, all ending up with a high return on investment to achieve the goals we set together.

Your concierge

People are great, aren't they? We love the team we've got here at Lyftoff and we think you'll love who we've chosen for your account. Your new team member is your Lyftoff Concierge. The Concierge answers questions, is your single point of contact here at Lyftoff and is here to help, any way you need. Isn't it nice to pick up the phone or shoot a quick message to an actual human? No forms, no waiting, just results.

Buyer Personas

Do you know who you're marketing to? More often than not, the answer will surprise you. We create detailed buyer personas that represent exactly who is buying your product, who you want to be buying your product and even who you don't want to have as a customer. The more we know, the better we can target our content and marketing efforts and the higher ROI our monthly retainer will have for your business.

pain points

An in depth look with us either in person or over video to chat about your business's goals, aspirations and even the problems you might have. We want to get inside and really know what makes your company tick and no, "we want to grow," is not a real answer. Trust us, when we're done you'll be as excited as we are to get going on your project.


goal setting

How can either of us know if we are successful if don't set SMART goals? Through guided goal setting with your Concierge, we will set goals for your business with regular touch points so we can both ensure we are making everything run just as it should. We make the necessary changes if we don't meet the goals and we can celebrate together when we do.


We've created a proprietary dash boarding system that, once your Concierge sets it up for you, is updating live 24 hours a day and viewable on any device you own. We customize the data to show only what you need so that when someone in your team asks for that obscure number of your sales numbers versus the number of cold leads brought in per month versus the ratio of coffees consumed in your office in  a day, you can look in seconds and wow them with your awesomeness. It's like having a crystal ball, but it fits in your pocket.

no digging

To get going, we are going to need a lot of data from you and this is a daunting task. We need the passwords for things you only signed in on once in the past year, need you to add us as users to a bit of software you might not even know you have and well, we need a lot of stuff. Within the Foundation portion of your contract, we help gather all this information with you and can even help you find it. Neat, huh?

knowledge checkup

How much do you know? It's a valid question. Sometimes our clients are super savvy computer wizards and other times the Facebook profile was a thing someone told you should have at some point and it's never been looked at since. We want to check in and see how much you know, what you'd like to know and what you really would rather we just do so you don't see it (like magic). No tests, we promise.

Giddy up!

Now you can get really pumped. At this stage, we have all the information we need to really meet and hopefully exceed the goals we set. We want to wow you because your success is our success. 

So, let's ride!


Lyftoff Foundations is included in all monthly plans

Ready to try it out?