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Through the creation of unique content, images, videos and text we will captivate your audience and bring the right users to your website.



Connecting and communicating with your potential leads we work to find the high quality leads and move them to the next stage



We work to close the right leads and help you turn them into recurring customers and eventually brand ambassadors.


We're like ninjas, or something.

We're working in the background of your business while you focus on your business. We create content and marketing solutions that drive high quality leads to your business to help you turn those leads into sales and brand ambassadors. You will work with a dedicated Marketing Manager who will manage the day-to-day solutions and communications with you while our team of web developers, copywriters, graphic designers and digital marketing experts work in the background to make your business shine. 


Why do businesses work with us?

They don't know what impact they are having. Our dashboard software gives you personalized and relevant information for your marketing programs, anytime, anywhere.

They want to reduce overhead. Instead of having a marketing manager and sourcing a revolving door of contractors, Lyftoff provides a single point of contact and access to a team at less than the cost of a marketing department.

There's not enough time in the day. Our team's only job is to keep up with the fast changing pace of digital marketing and to implement the relevant marketing changes. You work on your business while we work in it.

They want advice on tactics. With experience from a variety of industries and sectors, our team's know-how will be sure to benefit your business.

They need some help getting going. We can either revamp your current advertising model or create a brand new one and then work with your staff so they can take over. We monitor your marketing performance and proactively suggest and implement solutions.


Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

inbound marketing

Screaming at your prospects to buy may have worked in the past, but today, your prospects are more educated than ever and crave valuable information before making a purchase. Through Lyftoff's inbound marketing services, we combine everything your business needs to succeed to attract, convert and delight more customers. From Vancouver to the rest of the world, our inbound marketing services are helping businesses from almost every industry grow and prosper.

marketing strategy

Knowing what to post, what to say and when to say it is a lot to know. Our social butterflies have got you covered.

online marketing

When a potential customer is searching for your business, or one in your industry, is yours the first one they see?

brand design

Make your brand stand out with the right logo, colours and fonts to convey your message perfectly.


analytics consulting

Your current website is producing valuable data all the time, but do you know how to leverage that data for more sales?

web development

Make your brand stand out and your customers come back again and again with a website that looks great on any device.

print Media design

From presentations to pamphlets, business cards to billboards we design and print anything your business needs.


social media

Engage with your followers and gain new ones to increase your brand awareness and boost sales.

e-mail marketing

Target your prospects and current customers directly with targeted E-Mail marketing that delivers true results.

Photography / video

Bring everything together with stunning photos and video for your social media, website or print advertising.


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