MGM Fit Foods

MGM Fit Foods began as an idea, an idea to bring together healthy eating with fitness and amazing food all in one package.

Increasingly, as a personal trainer and fitness guru, owner and founder Mandy Gill was finding more and more that her clients were telling her that to keep with their diet was impossible. Between work, kids, home life and our ever increasing work hours due to smart phones and other technology, the work days get longer and longer. Her clients were finding it hard to do the meal prep they needed to maintain their diets and achieve their goals, thus MGM Fit Foods was born.

Mandy started with only a handful of clients, cooking in her kitchen and bringing them their meals in plastic containers from her home - but that quickly grew. As word got out, more and more people were asking for Mandy's meals, some everyday of the week for more than one meal.

Lyftoff came in to help almost from the beginning. We helped Mandy formulate a plan of expansion, helped her to find a commercial kitchen space to use, everything down to taste testing the meals before they were added to the menu, something we never complained about and we even rolled up our sleeves and helped cook in the early days!

MGM Fit Foods is now growing at breakneck speed and Mandy and her business partner Caitlin Wood come back to Lyftoff continuously for new product shooting, social media advice, website updating and more. Sometimes they even bring us snacks.

Check out the incredible things Mandy and Caitlin are doing at and try your best not to lick the screen while you're there.

A listing of the services we have provided to MGM Fit Foods to date are:

  • Website development
  • Website content copywriting
  • Search engine optimization
  • Logo and brand design
  • Packaging design
  • Print marketing design
  • Social media marketing and copywriting
  • Photography (food and personal)
  • Taste testing (the best part)

Creation of an e-commerce store - increasing orders by 190%

An increase of 254% in engagement from users on both Facebook and Instagram

Users spending an average of 2:27 seconds on the site - increase of 210%

Newsletter creation with a read rate of 73% compared to industry average of 21%