Lyftoff offers search engine optimization (SEO) for your business to bring your ranking on search results up and increase customer satisfaction. With proper and ongoing SEO services for your business you will see increased traffic and leads to your company's online presence.

We offer a range of SEO services for your business and we tailor our approach to exactly what your business needs.


seo audit

A good SEO plan starts with knowing where to focus our efforts. We start with our detailed report on exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are.


seo strategy

Next, we come up with the detailed plan on exactly how we can achieve your goals. From must-haves and a detailed timeline we will deliver a detailed plan.


seo detox

The first stage of the execution process is the removal of any toxic links, critical fixes to things like website code, design and other major flaws are also dealt with during this phase.



The biggest part of SEO is having content that both your users and the search engines understand. We work to re-write or simply optimize the content you have for optimum results and easy reading.


e-Commerce SEO

If your website sells items directly, SEO on those products and services is also essential. Having an SSL security tag that is up to date and making sure the site runs quickly are all essential to a good ranking and happy customers.


Social seo

Driving the clients that you want to your site is the job of social media. Bringing them to the site already knowing what they will see is part of the seamless buyer journey we engineer for your brand.


local seo

If you're selling a service in a single city, then we should be focusing our efforts solely on that area, right? Local SEO brings your goals to life with results you can measure and see in your local area.


Influencer seo

We use our extensive network to help gain influencer traction and have them help to promote your products and services for you. We work with them to ensure the brand message you want is on point.


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