Lyftoff is here to make your life easier, from web design to social media and project management to technical support, we bring everything you need together in one place. At Lyftoff we cater our services to your needs, big or small - simple or complex, we can create a custom solution that will fit your budget and make your company shine against it's competitors.

Below you will find a selection of our most popular services from our ever expanding list. The majority of our clients bring us in for a brief consultation of their needs and wants and we create a one of a kind solution tailored just for them. You can examine some of the solutions we have created for our clients here.


Web Design

Whether you need a flashy website or something more corporate and subdued - we've got people for that. We have designers with experience designing sites from fitness companies to worldwide consulting groups.


Identity Design

Taking your vision of what your brand represents and putting it on paper is a daunting task. Our designers can create a full brand package for you that will wow your clients and communicate your vision.

Project Management

We offer project management services from small to large scale for your business. Bringing our experience to your team can aid you in making sure that your vision is executed on time and on budget.


Social Media

How do you engage your customers in a meaningful way that is going to bring in more revenue and create more buzz for your brand? Lyftoff will create a social plan for your company and help you run it.

Client Relations

Your clients and investors are the reason you are in business, so keeping them happy is vital. We offer professional management of your IR and CSR so you can worry about being the driving force to success.

Brand Protection

You've worked hard to create your brand, build your loyal client base and reputation. We monitor your competitors and watch your social feeds for the public perception of your brand, and act accordingly.


Data Analytics

From bounce rate to time spent on a page, what does it all mean? How can you leverage that with your current marketing strategy? That's where we come in. We can sift through all that data and turn it from a jumble of numbers into something meaningful.


Should you need print materials for an investor presentation, a big meeting or for advertising - we can provide you with quick turn around and results you and your clients will be impressed with.

Ghost Writing

Our writers have taken on the voices of business consultants, accountants and lawyers, fitness personalities, healthy living companies and more. Think you've got a style that is hard to reproduce? Try and stump us.


Technical Help

Our team can aid you in managing your complex network of computers, smart phones, data backups and more. Even more important, making that information accessible, whenever, wherever you are.



Utilize the list of clients you have gained and leverage that list to gain more customers and increase your brand awareness through beautiful E-Mail campaigns that people will actually open, not just throw in the trash.