Startup advising

Lyftoff provides entrepreneurial advising for startups as the first months and years of every business are the most challenging. While 9 out of 10 startups fail within the first year, we provide the necessary tools to avoid being a part of this statistic. We approach every startup by building a strong foundation with our advisors and utilize our skilled marketing team to ensure your company’s vision comes to life.

Lyftoff guides entrepreneurs through many challenges. We invest in the future early on by focusing on company leadership and culture. We ensure the appropriate research for your product or service’s industry relevance and need is complete. Once off the ground, we promote sustainable growth to overcome the cash flow hurdle.

Lyftoff also offers startups a variety of Business Utilities including Business Plans, Systems, Proposals and Company Manuals.




Brainstorm and ideas management.



Industry research, market trends and competition.


Strategic planning to map out actionables; 3, 6 & 9 month, 1 & 2 year, 3 & 5 year, etc.



Project coordination & systems integration. Setting obtainable goals.


Measuring improvement and continued guidance to keep your operations on track with your vision.