website maintenance

Regardless of your company's size or sector, our experts work with what you already have to update, change or improve your current website quickly and seamlessly.


unlimited plan

The Lyftoff Unlimited Maintenance Plan is a flat fee per month for an unlimited amount of changes to your site. Going unlimited means that when you need to update your online store with a new product, change employee bios or add a new blog post you just login to your portal, give us the details and voila - it's almost magic.

Reasons clients go unlimited


As an ongoing process, SEO requires constant care and attention to keep your company at the top of the rankings and keep you visible. Our unlimited clients receive the SEO Lite package as a part of this plan to make sure your company is at the top of it's game.


Unlimited clients enjoy fast turn around with a dedicated Lyftoff Concierge. Clients send a change request through their portal and voila - their Concierge has the change executed in no time at all.


Outdated sites lead to customers turning away and going back to where they came from - our clients often tell us they simply don't have the time to constantly update their site and worry about SEO to drive more traffic their way. Enter the Lyftoff team of super nerds to make that happen and save the day, we should have our own TV show.


You do what you do best, we worry about keeping your website clean and shiny - simple as that.

It's simple: one price per month, unlimited changes, that's it.


Sign up for six months on the Unlimited plan and we'll give you your first month for free. Yahoo!


The Pay-To-Improve plan is great for customers looking to improve their website occasionally or for those who aren't sure what they need. 

We work on a per minute basis so, if you need an image changed and that takes 6 minutes, we take 6 minutes from your account. Other agencies bill you an hour just to think about starting the work - crazy!


Add $100 to your account and we'll top you up with another $50, just 'cause.